Landscape Tips

There’s nothing like showing off with a great photo! Here are my top tips for getting those top-notch landscape photos.

Dawn Or Dusk This is when natural sunlight is at it’s best. Use it to give your photo atmosphere.

Portrait Is Fine I know they’re landscape photos, but you can still turn your camera portrait.

Use A Tripod It has one job – to keep your camera stable. The light will be low and shutter speeds will be slow – use the self-timer and a tripod to avoid blurry pics.

Unless… blur is what you want. Slow shutter speeds and water make a beautiful combination.

The rocks are sharp, but the burred water shows movement.

Composition – Rule Of Thirds This is one of the most common ‘rules‘ and it’s also fairly easy to master. Just like lots of national flags, split the frame into thirds vertically and / or horizontally and look for similar lines in your scene, eg, the horizon, and frame your shot accordingly. Put an item of interest where two of those lines meet (the red circles). Don’t overdo it, though, sometimes less is more.

Rule of thirds – the horizon, sun, flower stem and flower head.

Your camera may even have a setting where it will show these grid lines on the screen.

Rule of thirds – the horizon, pebbles and reeds.

People They’ll add interest and sometimes people can ‘make’ a landscape pic.

People can add a sense of scale to your photos.

Rebel My final tip is use these rules as a guide. Sometimes breaking them works too!

Your photography, your way.