Photo Editing

Are you fed up of other people’s photos looking better that yours?

(Shhh … those photos have probably been edited)

Let me turn your good photo, into a great photo – from Okay to No Way!

I offer a full and complete professional photograph editing service using the latest editions of Adobe’s Photoshop Programmes.

All of our correspondence is done remotely via email and PayPal, and conforms with the current climate of coronavirus, social distancing and lockdowns.

I can replace the sky, remove unsightly objects or blemishess, alter the colours, crop photos, give you a tummy tuck and even a face-lift! Your photos can ‘pop’ on social media!

Remember, the best edits are where you can’t tell that it’s been edited!

Simply email me the unedited photo (straight out of the camera) and I’ll make the magic happen. Let me know if there’s a specific edit you’d like, or I’ll just edit to what I think looks best.

I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and then email the finished photo(s) straight to your inbox.

I can edit the same image in multiple ways too, if you’d like – your photography, your way.